Where is palliative care provided?

You may find that it is difficult to leave your home to visit multiple physicians while trying to manage your serious illness. At times, the symptoms of your disease or the side effects of treatment make it impossible to get out of the house, or the thought of visiting “one more doctor” is unbearable.

While palliative care services are sometimes provided in a clinic or hospital setting, a palliative care consultation also can take place right in your own home. The team of expert staff provides an extra set of “eyes and ears” in your own environment to observe, listen and then thoroughly discuss your concerns with you, your family and your physician.

The Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) who visits you will assess your needs and make recommendations to your physician. The palliative care team will assist with communication between your primary care physician and any specialists you may see.  

In addition, you will be assisted by experienced and caring office staff who are just a phone call away whenever you need information, support or coordination of special needs.

You will find that the support and practical advice you receive from the palliative care team are as valuable as their symptom management expertise. Speak to your physician about the benefits of receiving palliative care today.

Learn more about how palliative care works with your doctors and supports you as you continue treatment for serious illness.