Do I have to live with nausea side effects?

Nausea can range from mild queasiness to dry heaves and vomiting. In addition to making you feel miserable, it affects your ability to eat, drink and take medication. Each of those is important so you can remain strong as you face serious illness.

The best way to treat nausea is to understand its cause. Depending on your illness, your discomfort could stem from:

  • Vestibular issues (dizziness and balance)
  • Constipation or a bowel obstruction
  • Dysfunction in the digestive system
  • Infection or inflammation in the digestive system
  • The side effects of certain medications or treatments, such as chemotherapy

It is important that the underlying cause of your nausea is properly identified so you have access to the most effective medications as well as practical tips for easing your discomfort. 

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