Myth: Hospice is a place.

You see the peaceful and home-like surroundings of inpatient hospice centers and assume that hospice is a place. In fact, the majority of all hospice care is provided wherever patients call home.

Hospice is a philosophy of care—not a place—with a goal of providing holistic care in a non-hospital setting where patients can be surrounded by the people and things they love most. Patients can receive hospice care in their own homes, as well as in nursing homes, assisted living facilities or home-like, inpatient hospice centers.

Hospice care in specially designed inpatient hospice centers is ideal for patients who require intensive management of pain and other symptoms caused by their terminal illness. Inpatient care is typically provided for just a few days or weeks, while hospice care at home can be provided for months.

Not everything you hear about hospice care is true.