Myth: Hospice can’t help you if you need “high-tech” care.

You are familiar with typical medical care that often involves patients being hooked up to machines in a hospital setting. You are concerned that without all of that equipment, the care hospice provides will not be effective enough to keep you comfortable in your final months of life.

While end-of-life care is extremely complex, it does not involve invasive technology and equipment. Hospice is a medical specialty whose physicians, nurses, hospice aides and therapists are specially trained to provide comprehensive medical care, as well as state-of-the-art pain and symptom control, without the use of invasive technology. Their efforts are further enhanced by a team of other professionals and volunteers who provide a full range of support services for the entire family.

Hospice care allows you to choose comfort and quality of life.

Not everything you hear about hospice care is true.