Is hospice giving up?

If you have an illness that is not responding to curative treatment, you may be feeling afraid, confused, frustrated or overwhelmed. And though you may already know that hospice would be a positive end-of-life option, it can be difficult to initiate such a discussion with family members, your doctor or hospital personnel.

Please remember that choosing hospice doesn’t mean you’re giving up. It means you’re choosing to have an end-of-life experience that is the best it can possibly be.  

Hospice is comprehensive care that is provided by a team of specialists, including doctors, nurses, therapists, aides, social workers, clergy and volunteers. The goal is to care for the patient while also supporting the entire family.

It is a positive option for:

  • Anyone of any age who has six months or less to live
  • Patients with end-stage cancer, heart, lung, kidney, vascular and neuromuscular diseases, Alzheimer’s and other types of dementias, AIDS or birth defects
  • Elderly people who are in a severe state of decline or have multiple disorders

The hospice staff will assist with difficult family conversations and will provide counsel whether hospice care is needed now…or in the future.

Take control of your final months of life by contacting hospice early.