Is there special assistance for veterans?

Twenty-five percent all people who die in the United States are veterans. For some, the psychological impact of their service, or a physical injury or condition they sustained, has affected them every day of their lives. For others, emotional wounds that have been hidden emerge near the end of life.

All veterans are entitled to receive hospice and palliative care as they face end-stage illness. In addition to excellent care and services, veterans also benefit from their in-depth understanding of their special needs.

Hospice care is beneficial for any veteran with a terminal or end-stage disease, whether they receive their medical benefits through the VA, Medicare or Medicaid.

A veteran who is dually eligible for VA benefits and Medicare or Medicaid can elect to have hospice services under the Medicare/Medicaid benefit. While all other care – unrelated to the terminal illness – will still be covered as part of the VA benefit. Veterans not eligible for Medicare or Medicaid can access hospice care through their VA benefit.

Veterans will benefit from an extra layer of care near the end of life.

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